The new LAC series

LAC worm gear reducers currently represent the most advanced solution to market requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The new LAC series, also available as compact integral helical/worm option, has been designed with a view to modularity: low number of basic models can be applied to a wide range of power ratings guaranteeing top performance and reduction ratios from 5 to 1000.


Warranty: Two years from date of delivery.



  • Sizes: 25, 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90
  • Available versions: fitted for motor coupling, with input shaft, with torque limiter
  • Power: up to 18,5 kW
  • Cases: die-cast aluminium alloy
  • Ratios: between 5 and 100
  • Max torque: 432 Nm and admissible radial loads max 8.180 N
  • Aluminium units are supplied complete with synthetic oil and allow for universal mounting positions, with no need to modify lubricant quantity
  • Worm wheel: bronze Cu Sn12 Ni2 (UNI7013-10)
  • Ground worm profile: ZI (UNI4760)
  • Loading capacity in accordance with: ISO.14521, DIN.3996
  • BS 721, AGMA 6034, ISO 6336, DIN 3990, DIN 743, ISO 281 Painted with RAL 7061 grey epoxy-polyester powder   Worm gear reducers are available with different combinations: LAC+LAC and LA+LAC