TECO’s smokespill motors are designed & tested to operate at extremes of temperature in the event of fires. These motors are installed in ventilation set which is to extract smoke & heat from buildings giving sufficient time for evacuation

The design meets EN12101-3, providing F400, F300 and F200 with efficiency level IE3 and IE2. Output KW from 0,75KW to 400KW with frame size 80 to 355


Warranty: Two years from date of delivery.



  • Design std: EN12103-3; IEC60034
  • Available for: F400, F300, F200
  • Efficiency: IE3 ; IE2
  • Frame size H80 – H315
  • Insulation class H
  • Foot mounted ; Pad mounted
  • Cooling IC411 ; IC418
  • Double lip seals on both sides
  • 3 off PTC with clamping type connection
  • Metal cable gland on request
  • Metal conduit cable upon request
  • Ceramic terminal block upon request
  • Metal fan for IC411High temperature grease